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Hanukkah 5778

19 December 2017.

Initially the festivity was planned on December, 15, having a special program due to the invited FCER delegation and klezmerl concert from Oradea, but because of the National Mourning Day (death of King Michael I) it had to be postponed to Monday, December 18, the seventh day of lighting candles.

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20-22 September 2017

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Hanukkah 5778 (the same but different)

Initially the festivity was planned on December, 15, having a special program due to the invited FCER delegation and klezmerl concert from Oradea, but because of the National Mourning Day (death of King Michael I) it had to be postponed to Monday, December 18, the seventh day of lighting candles.
      Why was it the same? As every year, Vasile Dub. the chairman of the community underlined the importance of light in these days bloomy darkness.
      Why was it different? Mrs. Anna Karpelesz (native of Tg. Mures, but living in Askhelon), music teacher sang traditional Hanukkah songs (with instrumental playback) and delighted us with her warm voice creating a familiar atmosphere. Fortunately, one the same evening we had the opportunity to celebrate the 93rd birthday of the eldest community member, Mr. Rudolf Kapelesz. A little bit late I wish you Ad me'ah v'esrim (until 120) and I wish all of you Hag hanukah sameach (Happy Hanukkah)!!
      See you next year!!!

Original text by George Diamantstein



It's autumn and New Year. With these seasonal flowers I wish all my co- co-religionists and the readers of this site KTIVA VE CHATIMA TOVA i.e Happy New Year!!

Original text by George Diamantstein


Concert 2017

Last year we left with the hope to continue this chamber concert series in the synagogue of Tg. Mureș. On 14 August 2017 maestro Alexandru Gavrilovici and his musician team participating at the Sighisoara Summer Academy has honored us with a great concert the 5th time already. The performing musicians in addition to Mr. Gavrilovici were Trottmann, harp - Switzerland, Aurelian Băcan, clarinet - Romania, Vladimir Lakatos, violin - Germany who were returning guests and the first time visitors Momoko „apricot flower” Kawamoto, violin -Japan, Zsolt Török, cello - Romania. The aestival program covered Kodály Z., Haciaturian A., Mozart - transcriptions of famous areas for clarinet and violin, Dvorak, J. Ibert. Please allow me to express my opinion. Personally I liked „Hommage a Strauss” by Béla Kovács for clarinet best. Besides, I was fond of the sound of the fiddle. Why? Can’t explain. Probably because of the acoustics, summer, atmosphere… We were not many, but I enjoyed the afternoon! See you next year!

Original text by George Diamantstein


Holocaust 5777

On 28th May this year, as every year, we commemorated our relatives, friends, Jews deported in May 1944. After only one month in the death camps they flew away as smoke and dust from the Auschwitz gas chambers towards eternity, literally speaking. Samuel Salamon said the Kaddish. The prayer was followed by the chairman, Vasile Dub reading the names martyrs who were family members, friends of the survivors and of the current community. Thereafter, candles were lit and laid a wreath at the Holocaust monument.
      May is the mount of birth, not that of death!

Original text by George Diamantstein


Pesach 5777

If our ancestors had not been liberated from the slavery in Egypt led by Moses we have not been entered in the Synagogue today to celebrate the Exodus (photo 1). We prayed and thanked God for the freedom of our nations (photos 2, 3, 4). The evening continued with the joy of celebrating together. The festive Seder meal was the highlight of this evening. We listened to the story of Exodus, commemorated, and sang Passover songs (rather just Samuel Salamon and Aniko Karpelesz). We eat the traditional Passover dinner: matza, delicious symbolic food, drank four cups of wine and of course we talked a lot (photos 5,6,7,8,9,10). We had a nice time together. Thanks to all who contributed to this feast(photos 11,12)!

Original text by George Diamantstein


Purim 5777

As usual, also this year, as every year, we have gathered, to celebrate the intervention of Esther who saved our nation from Haman, theoretical and practical organizer of the first genocide. Fortunately mind, courage, beauty, love, evil had a word to say in the final outcome. This event was commemorated this year on the 10th of March 2017. We had the pleasure to have among us (community members and friends) our benefactors from Scotland: Athnee Waldman, Collin Black, Geoffrey Berd and his wife Anthea. It is an honor and pride for me to report about the decoration of Athnee Waldman handed over by, none other than the Queen herself, Her Majesty Elisabeth II. of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. She is honored due to all the devoted work she carried out for and among the Holocaust survivors. The local survivors from Tg. Mures really can testify! After the prayer of Samuel Salamon and the short speech of dr. Vasile Dub, the chairman of the community followed the highlight of the evening the execeptional performance of the „ Mazel Tov” band from Cluj-Napoca. We drank tea and eat Haman's pockets. We're happy to be parts, this year as well, of such a successful, joyful and familiar ceremony!

Original text by George Diamantstein


Hanukkah, Festival of Lights 5777

On the 29 of December the Synagogue of Tg. Mureș was full of light. The light came from outside, he candles of the menorah and form inside the sense of wonder in the souls of the audience. (I can’t explain but as fewer we got as fuller are the rows the banks in the synagogue at the organized events, honestly a considerable part of the attendees are our friends, sympathizers of our religion.) Instead of being busy with the all-day work they managed to be present at our holiday.
      First dr. Vasile Dub the chairman of our community sketched the program of the evening and welcome the attendees and the officials from Cluj: Mr. Schwartz Róbert, the chairman of the Jewish Community, Mrs. Andreea Ghiță member of the Federation of Jewish Community from Romania. After the short Hanukka prayer said by Mr. Samuel Salamon, the candles were lit by the granddaughter of Mr. Spitzer, followed by the speech of Mr. Eduard Kuferberg on behalf of the F.J.C.R. He told about the miracle of Hanukkah, a belief reinforced by candlelight. He wished Merry Christmas to Christians present. At the same time he asked the audience to think about the UN (under abstention USA) who voted Israel as an engulfing and dominating state.
      After the thoughts of dr. Vasile Dub came the highlight of the evening the klezmer concert of „HAKESHET” („rainbow”) band who entertained the audience more than one hour and a half. Never-ending applause appreciated the performance in a warm and friendly atmosphere!
      We had a great time together!
      Many thanks to the organizers!
      A little bit late, but we wish you: Hag Hanukkah Sameah!

Original text by George Diamantstein


Breshit 13 - Bar Mitzva

I guess lots of you don’t understand the title of this post, so in the following I’ll try to explain it in detail. The Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania together with American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) has organized for a few years a series of conferences along with the University of Jewish Communities in Europe about the Jewish religion and identity. These conferences have been held and will be held in different cities of our country. At the XII-th edition it has been decided that at the XIII-th jubilee event Bar Miztva (Coming of age) the host will be our town. At the event participated about 400 guests topped by dr. Aurel Veiner president of F.C.E.R (Romanian Federation of Jewish Communities), chief-rabbi Rafael Schaffer, and the president of JDC Romania Israel Sabag. The event supposed a lot of work and devote from the behalf of JDC together with the Jewish Community from Tg. Mureș. At the organization participated with full forces dr. Dub Vasile the chairman of our community, Samuel Salamon, Rosenberg Dezideriu, Iulia Negrea and many others. We address special thanks to them.
      The main subject of the session were discussion about the „Tikkun Olam – prepare de world” debating the moral principles as: „Hesed” - kindness, „Kavod” - honor and individual dignity, „Tzedaka”- charity, „Midot” - virtues. In these day prestigious professors form Israel have held a speech: prof. Brick Yitzhak, prof. Benjamin Ish Shalom, dr. Shmuel Faust, dr. Rivka Kneller. Beside the lectures and debates in the mentioned subjects the guests also visited our city and had the most extraordinary event „Cabalat Shabbat” welcoming the arrival of Shabbat. The author of these report haven’t seen in his life such a big festivity where so many Jews were happy to pray, dens, applaud, sing for Shabbat meals. It was really an unforgettable EVENT!
      The „Havdalah” end of Shabbat, ushers in the new week head to be held initially in the city-center, but the weather was not with us and the organizers had to displace it in the restaurant of the „President Hotel” where the festive dinner was organized. The highlight of the event was the klezmerl band from Oradea and in the break a gipsy local band „forget-me-not” entertained the audience.
      On Sunday after the last debate of the program followed the festive closing. I am very proud to inform you that from the rumors I have heard that the Tg. Mureș event was the best of all. I don’t know if this is true, but it was extraordinary to declare and to feel myself Jew.

Original text from George Diamantstein


5777 Shanah Tovah

      Another weekend this time only:
      Shanah Tovah (Happy New Year)!!!! to each site visitor.


Guests from Zalaegerszeg

The last few days of September were very crowed and full of events. After the laying of the foundation stone of the prospective Jewish museum followed the visit of the „Friends of Israel ” from Zalaegerszeg, Hungary. The aim of the visit was the renovation and cleaning of the old Sabbatarian cemetery from Bezidu Nou – Mures County. At the round table initiated by the president of our community Dr. Vasile Dub were not present all the invited guest, but the attendees (delegation from Zalagerszeg led by the president Vilmos Siklósi, councilor of the major from Tg.Mureș, Sándor Csegzi, the Unitarian retired priest József Szombatfalvi, president of Bezidu-Nou Association, Unitarian priest László Nagy, Reformed priest László Szabó, the actor György Kárp, whose gradparents lived in this villages as Sabbatarian and were active members of the Jewish community of Tg.Mureș) agreed to apply for projects or sponsorship and volunteering in order to improve the situation. Unfortunately the author of this report was not present at this consultation, so the event was not immortalized. Next day the delegation from Zalaegerszeg visited the Teleki Castle in Gornești and on Sunday they made a trip to salt mine Turda. Hope that these days were nice full of events so we are waiting to continue them as soon as possible.

Original text by George Diamantstein



On the 18th September our community participated at an extraordinary event. The foundation stone of the future Jewish museum was laid down thanks to the generous donation of Etelka Tusa. It is in fact a cornerstone put instead of a brick imprinted with the names of the donators: Chirvăsuță Mircea și Judit, Tusa Ádám și Etelka. Mrs. Etelka Tusa although she is original from Dej she feels like a really Tîrgu-Mureș citizen after finishing the medicine at the university and marrying her husband dr. Ádám Tusa. Dr. Vasile Dub the chairman of the community expressed grateful thanked to the donators and said that the museum will give the opportunity to present, besides the stone monuments, the economic, social and cultural life of Jews from Tîrgu-Mureș. The event continued with a delicious meal prepared by Ibolya Rigó, Iulia Negrea, Dezső Rosenberg, . Ildikó S.Rosenberg.
      We all hope to take part at the inauguration of the museum next spring.

Original text by George Diamantstein


Chamber music evening

Approximately one year after the last year’s concert, on the 15th of August 2016 we had the opportunity to listen to a chamber music concert thanks to the kindness and goodwill of Alexandru Gavrilovici. This year the members of the string quartet were Alexandru Gavrilovici, Switzerland - violin, Marie Trottman, Switzerland - harp, Alexandru Băcan, Cluj-clarinet and Stéphane Gianpellegrini, Luxemburg - cello. They interpreted works of Ravel, Enescu, Bartók, Honegger. My personal favorite was Allegro de concert, for chromatic harp from G. Enescu and the „Kezmeriada” composed by A. Băcan especially for this occasion.
      We promise to continue this series of events next year!
      Special thanks to the artist and the music lovers present at this event!

Original text by George Diamantstein



Dear Visitor,
      This is not an event, it is only a post about the wonderful &bdqou;philosemite” flowers at the southern entry of the synagogue!!!!.......

Original text by George Diamantstein


Lag Baomer 5776

Dear Website Visitor and Reader,
      I don’t want to spend your time with useless information which can be read on our website on the Events page (see the last years’ entry). The most important was the time spent together on this occasion. We got together and remembered the past, had a great talk about the present and future. Also we have to address special thanks to those who organized this great event (in alphabetical order) : Aunty Ibi, Albert Nagy, Iulia Negrea, Dezső Rosenberg, Samuel Salamon.
      We had a great time together!

Original text by George Diamantstein


Holokauszt 5776

On 22nd of May this year we have commemorated OUR relatives, friends, acquaintances, neighbors or somebody from town, all being victims of Holocaust deported in June 1944. The Kaddish was sorrow and the death as well. Unfortunately we can say that there are, from year to year, fewer and fewer who remember the dreadful happenings.

Original text by George Diamantstein


Pesach 5776

We all are „ordinary” Jews and non-Jews, because we kept ourselves to the „order” and „agreement” of Seder. With the first day of Pesach, the Seder evening we celebrated the liberation from the slavery in Egypt and the freedom of our nation. The ceremony began with prayers – thanks to Samuel Salamon – continuing with the traditional Pesach dinner, according to the rules of the Torah. More generations were present at the ceremony elderly, young, younger and very young (see the photos). All of us had a great time together!!!!!!
      Hag Pesah Sameah!!

Original text by George Diamantstein


Purim 5776 (2015 - 2016)

On March 25, 2016, like every year, the Jewish community of Targu-Mures celebrated the Purim. It was as well traditional as extraordinary.
      Why traditional? Because Samuel Salamon said the traditional prayers and Vasile Dub, the chairman of our community, said a few words about the happenings 2500 years ago.
      Why extraordinary? He talked about one of the most important discovery of our time, the gravity waves foreseen 100 years ago by Einstein. Vasile Dub cited a part of Einstein’s letter to daughter Lieserl: „ There is an extremely powerful force that, so far, science has not found a formal explanation to. It is a force that includes and governs all others, and is even behind any phenomenon operating in the universe and has not yet been identified by us. This universal force is love. When scientists looked for a unified theory of the universe they forgot the most powerful unseen force. Love is Light, that enlightens those who give and receive it. Love is gravity, because it makes some people feel attracted to others. Love is power, because it multiplies the best we have, and allows humanity not to be extinguished in their blind selfishness. Love unfolds and reveals. For love we live and die. Love is God and God is Love. ”
      „The almost one-hour performance of Bucharest Klezmer Band” followed. They gingered every generation up: elderly, not so old, young and very young. They were all present in the audience (see the video). Hasid and south-eastern European joyful music resound as it is usual to Purim. It was wonderful! We cannot wait to meet them next time.
      Finally, many thanks to those who prepared the material goods (humentash and tee) for us: Júlia Negrea, Dezső Rosenberg, Albert Nagy and others.
      Hag Purim Sameach !!!

George Diamantstein


Hanukkah 5776/2015

Last year I promised that we’ll meet again next year, so it happened. This time fewer participants gathered, but we were as enthusiastic as last year. The Festival of Lights was organized in another manner, other invitees celebrated together with us.
      Let’s describe everything in detail. At 7 o’clock in the evening Sámuel Salamon began the ceremony with prayer. Spitzer’s grandson lit the third candle. Emanuel Pusztai the chanter from Bucharest sang traditional songs. Éva Galambos gave presents to the children, in name of the National Association of Jews in Romania. Many children were present (I can’t even remember to be so many). Next Mr. Eduard Kupferberg, the president of the Rabbi’s Office in Bucharest and Laszlo Dub, the re-elected chairman, held their speech. Mr. Dub talked about the holidays in December and Mr. Kupferberg said a few words about the two different ways of lighting the candles. Shammai opined that eight candles should be lit on the first night, seven on the second night, and so on down to one on the last night, because the miracle was greatest on the first day. Hillel argued in favor of starting with one candle and lighting an additional one every night, up to eight on the eighth night because the miracle grew in greatness each day. We adopted the second version, as usual. Mr. Kupferberg put in parallel the rededication and the re-election. (i.e. Before the ceremony the election of the chairman and directorate has taken place). The evening was rounded up by Mozart pieces and beautiful Jewish songs performed by our friends the „Tiberius” quartette. It was beautiful and elevating. Special thanks to the artists and audience.
      Hag Hanuka Sameah! Happy Hanukkah to everyone!

Original text by George Diamantstein


Tango la Noche in the Synagogue

The Synagogue opens its doors to the public again. This time we organized a cultural event on the 14 November 2015, on Saturday of course after sunset. The Tiberius Quartette (Tibor Molnár violin, Károly Lokodi violin, József Molnár fiddle and Előd Zágoni violoncello) together with the piano-player Kinga Bordos and the voice-solo of Krisztina Koszorus had a performance entitled „Tango la Noche”. The delighted audience was not very numerous, because of the multitude of the events organized simultaneously in our town: book exhibition, book presentations, theater performance, jazz concert in the former Jewish culture center, now &bdqu;Ariel” puppet-theater. It matters only that we were present at this concert and had a nice evening listening to harmonic melodies, Spanish and South-American rhythms. I hope that the sound system and the sound quality will be better next time.
      Special thanks to the artists and the public.

Original text by George Diamantstein


Increasing number of 90 year-olds!!

On the 31st of October the 90th birthday of Mrs. Etelka Tusa (surname at birth Hirsch) was celebrated. The photos added below show the great love and friendship she was surrounded at her big day. Dr. Vasile Dub welcomed her and presented her life in a few words. The Protagonist has told about good and bad things in her life: the deportation, when she was young and after that the happy family life next to her husband and the days now living alone. Although she is not on herself, because our community tries to make her life easier, gives her a hand when needed and organizes social events also.
      Happy birthday aunty Eta and many more to come!

Original text by George Diamantstein


Rosh Hashanah 5776/2015

The recordings in the Book of Life begin at Rosh Hashanah the Jewish new year, and Yom Kippur, the day of atonement. On 13th September 2015 this holiday was celebrated with prayers in the synagogue and a festive dinner (thanks to the cooking experience of Dezső Rosenberg and Sámuel Salamon. We are very happy that our friends from Israel, U.S.A celebrated together with the Jews and Christians from Tg. Mureș.
      L'Shanah Tovah !!!

Original text by George Diamantstein


Reunion 2015

Thanks to the idea of Dr. Vasile Dub, the chairman of our Jewish community on the 5th September 2015 had taken place the reunion of Jews originating form Tg. Mureș. We hoped for more attendees, but all those who came had the opportunity to remember the good old days and had a talk with acquaintances or new friends from abroad (Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Hungary). The discussions had been interrupted time to time by the cholent, rigorously prepared by Dezső Rosenberg and Ildikó Simion, bathed in a few glasses of wine. The highlight of the evening was, no doubt, the concert with Jewish melodies from Eastern Europe, organized by Jutka Incze (Germany). The musicians: Benjy Fox, contrabass - U.S.A., Péter Incze, clarinet - Germany, Károly Lokodi, violin - Tg.Mureș, Tekla Keresztesi, voice solo, came together in an ad-hoc way, without long-lasting rehearsals. The audience was excited about the klezmer rhythms and thanked the band with laud applause. Unfortunately, the second day fewer participants came together. They discussed about the future of the local Jewish community. Many thanks to the artists, the cooks and the organizers. To be continued? We hope so!!!

Original text by George Diamantstein


Reunion of Jews from Tg. Mures!

Between 4-7 September the Jewish Community of Tîrgu-Mureș is going to organize the Big Reunion of Jewish coming from Tîrgu-Mureș.
Preliminary Program:

  • Prior reunion on Friday afternoon or Saturday at 10 o’clock (Sabbath)
  • Sunday on September 6th the actual reunion at 12 o’clock on the on the backyard of the Synagogue with welcome drink, food, refreshments music and ping-pong.
  • Contribution 50 lej or 10 EUR

All suggestions are welcome!
Contact info: phone: +40 261 810 email: website: or Facebbook page Tg.Mures Jewish Community Friends

Chairman of the Community,
Laci Dub


Chamber concert, the third time

It seems that the summer concerts in the synagogue have become a tradition, according to our hopes from last year, mainly owing to Mr. Alexandru Gavrilovici. He is a violinist originating from Romania living in Switerland now. Mr. Gavrilovici considers the Synagogue of Tîrgu-Mureș the most appropriate place for traditional aestival concerts. He is the founder of Music Summer School in Sighișoara. Thanks to him and his invited guests (Marie Trottman, Elveția - harp, Guillermo Pastrana, Spain - cello, Aurelian Băcan, Cluj - clarinet, Lakatos Vladimir, Sighișoara - fiddle) we have taken part at an extraordinary Jewish summer chamber concert.
      Special thanks to the invited artist, but the malomaniacs, too. See you soon in August 2015.

Original text by George Diamantstein


70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz

Every year the Jewish Community of Tîrgu-Mureș commemorates the dreadful events of 1944, when all the Jewish citizens from our city were deported. This year event was very special thanks to our friends from the a „Tîrgu Mureș – Trust” Charity. They persuaded the Mayor’s Office to take part on this commemoration. On the 4th June 2015 the commemorative ceremony began at the Mirror Hall of the Palace of Culture. Here Dr. Vasile Dub the chairman of the community and Mr. András Peti, the vice-mayor had a speech. They remembered the sequence of the events: the deportation and the liberation. Susana Diamantstein, a survivor thanked for all the help and support offered by our Scotch friends for the Holocaust survivors. Finally, in the name of the Mayor’s Office honorary diplomas, prepared by the community, were handed over to the survivors.
      Few days later Saturday, on 6 June the festive commemoration continued in the Puppet Theatre, the old Jewish Cultural Center. The 2 hours devoted to our martyrs were extremely moving and sad. Dr. Vasile Dub, the chairman of the community opened the ceremony. Next András Peti, the vice-mayor welcomed the audience. Ethne Woldman spoke about the kindness they get here, at our community and the love they give us each time they come from Skotland. The historian, Mihaly Spielman hold a short presentation about the story of the Jewish from Tîrgu-Mureș and the happenings 70 years ago before and during the deportation. The heartfelt words of Etelka Tusa, a survivor followed. She spoke about her release. The most moving moment: instead of 6 survivors, 6 Christians lit of the candles (it was Saturday) in memory of the victims of Holocaust. On the event teachers and pupils from the Art High School sang Jewish songs and performed instrumental pieces. Pomes of Miklós Radnót and Márta Izsák were recited. The only regret of the writer of this article is the absence of the Mayor, who had not participated at none of the two commemorative events.
      Sunday, our Scottish friend visited the tomb and cemetery from Sărmașu Mare, where 126 Jews were kill and buried in September 1944.
      Finally, let us nominally thank to all who had been involved at the organization of this event: Ethne Woldman, David Bishop, Colin Black, a „Tîrgu Mureș – Trust” Charity, Márta Szőnyi music teacher-artist and coordinator, Zsuzsa Ambrus and Katalin Nagy organizers.

Original text by George Diamantstein


Memorial Evening at the Synagogue

The synagogue of Tîrgu-Mureș has opened its doors this time again. On 24 May the audience had to possibility to take part at a very interesting presentation. This event was organized not by the Jewish community, but the Helikon-Kemény-János Foundation, having the title „Helikonist stranglehold by fascists ” On bahalf of the community George Diamantstein welcome the participants and wished to all happy Whitsun. He told that this day is a holiday also for Jews, because it is the Day of Shavuot, the day when Moses received the Ten Commandments. Herewith we became the Chosen People. Chosen for a tragic life and dreadful death, of millions having the same destiny as the helikonists’ Benő Karácsony, Ernő Ligeti, Lakatos Béla. The historian Mihály Spielman presented these helikonist, their works and way of life in an inhuman society who was able to excommunicate and sent them to death, only because of the fact that they were different in rite and faith.
      Two members of the Tiberius Quartet played Bach pieces Előd Zágoni - cello and Károly Lokodi - violin). Next Dániel Szabó and Ilka Killyén recited from the works of Ernő Ligeti and the „Jánoska” short story by Benő Karácsony.
      Finally, Ilka Killyén thanked for the support of the community, who offered the appropriate place to remember those days of history and to commemorate all those who were killed by the human evil.

Original text by George Diamantstein


Lag Baomer 5775

Lag B'Omer, is a Jewish holiday celebrated on the 33rd day of the Counting of the Omer. In the ancient Israel this holiday began on the 2nd day of Pesach and lasted until Shavout the 50th, thus 7weeks each day (7x7 days). During this period the Jews harvested barley than wheat. Weeks and days were counted by the omer. „ The commandment for counting the Omer is recorded within the Torah And ye shall count unto you from the morrow after the day of rest, from the day that ye brought the omer of the waving; seven weeks shall there be complete;…even unto the morrow after the seventh week shall ye number fifty days; …” The counting of the omer became a tragic event in 135 D.C. during the time of Rabbi Akiva (he was the spiritual leader of the revolution), 24000 of his students died from a divinely-sent plague The 33rd day Lag BaOmer as the day when, „according to a tradition of the geonim”, the „plague” ended This is obviously the day of a brief victory of Bar Kokhba over the Romans. (source – internet)

In our little community the celebration of this holiday became a tradition during over the years. It happened like this also this year on 7 May. The community celebrated Lag Baomer in the courtyard of the synagogue. All the generations (young, younger and very young) got together ate a delicious meal and drank (with measure), but above all had a good time.
      Special thanks to to Dezső Rosenberg, Julia Negrea and to our new very active community member, Samuel Salamon.

Original text by George Diamantstein


Pesach 5775

On the 3 April 2015 evening, after the rise of stars arrived the most important Jewish holiday, the Passover with its first evening, the Seder. „ Because the Lord kept vigil that night to bring them out of Egypt, on this night all the Israelites are to keep vigil to honor the Lord for the generations to come.” (Exodus 12:42). What are we commemorating? Passover means the liberation from Egypt, actually we are celebrating that our ancestors adopted the Torah and all its rules as a free nation.
      As usual we have read the corresponding sections from Haggada. We have eaten the traditional seder meal and have not forgotten about the required four glasses of wine.
      During this festive evening we also sang traditional pesach songs.
      Hag Pesah Sameah to everyone!

Original tex by George Diamantstein


Holocaust Survivors Decorated

On 6 March in the Mirror Hall of The Palace of Culture in Tg. Mureș the prefect of Mureș county, dr. Lucian Goga has handed over, in the name of President Klaus Iohannis, the Order of &bdqup;Faithful Service” to Erzsébet Asztalos, Márta Mármor (her daughter, Inke Mármor was present) and Etelka Tusa. These three survivors of Holocaust could not receive this knight degree personally from the President of Romania, on 27 January, the „International Holocaust Remembrance Day” (liberation of Auschwitz death camp), because they were not present at the official ceremony in Bucharest. The prefect declared that it is an honor and a duty, as a representative of the government, to commemorate the victims of Holocaust. After a minute of silence dr. Vasile Dub, the chairman of our community thanked the President and the prefect of Mureș for the decoration offered and especially, for the fact that these people have not been forgotten. In the following Mr. Radu Balaș, a journalist said a few words about his book „Terror of 370 Days”. In his book he has written about the dreadful events happened in that period. These happening were related by holocaust survivors and written down in his reportages. The Major of Tg. Mureș, dr. Dorin Florea has thanked to the Jews of today and from the past, that they have contributed to the cultural heritage of our city. Finally, Mrs. Etelka Tusa expressed her hope that such a horror will never repeat again.

Original tex by George Diamantstein


Purim 5775

Thanks to the invitation of Mr. Tibor Roth, the chairman of the Jewish Community in Brașov, 18 members of our community participated in Brașov at the Purim celebration on 4 March.
      The reading from the Book of Esther and the performance of the two choirs of their community had created a special festive atmosphere. This was followed by the gala dinner. We had the opportunity to participate at a very successful evening, which surely contributes to the initiation of a close relationship between the two communities.

Original tex by George Diamantstein


Uncle Rudi 90!

Two more members of our little community have reached to age of 90 Rudolf Karpelesz (uncle Rudi) and Iolanda Naftali (aunty Baba). The leadership of the community has made the celebration of these events a tradition. Unfortunately, aunty Baba could not be present, but uncle Rudi was there and everyone could congratulate him, on the 1st of February.
      First, Vasile Dub, the chairman of our community commemorated the victims of Holocaust and the 70th anniversary of its relief. After the one minute silence Zsuzsa Diamantstein related, in a few minutes about her award “Faithful Service” knightly degree, as a Holocaust survivor from President Klaus Iohannis.
      It followed the real celebration with present, flowers and delicious stew and cake. The highlight of this evening was the performace of Mrs. Gabi Mende, actress, who recited the poem by Dezső Kosztolányi Dawn Tipsiness. Outside the winter set off, but indoors the place was warm unmitigated and figuratively as well.
      Special thanks to the idea and implementation, as a rule, to Julia Negrea, Laci Dub, Dezső Rosenberg, aunty Ibi and Albi.

Original tex by George Diamantstein


Holocaust 70

On 23rd of January Klaus Iohannis, the president of Romania awarded the survivors of Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp with the Order of “Faithful Service”. Erzsébet Aszalos (Tîrgu-Mureș), Márta Mármonr (Tîrgu-Mureș), László Székely (Cluj), Etelka Tusa (Tîrgu-Mureș), Gabriella Bóné (Oradea), Viora Braun (Oradea) and Zsuzsanna Diamantstein (Tîrgu-Mureș) obtained this knightly degree, but only the last three persons were present at the official ceremony in Bucharest, on 27th January 2015.
      In his speech the President emphasized, that the Jews how lived here were deported to Transnistria or Auschwitz were victims of the anti-Semitism, racism and the discriminating sin politics (…). Romania what all it made in order to cognise the Holocaust – learn the history lesson, understood that it has to act against oblivion, intolerance, racism, anti-Semitism and all form of xenophobia. In her short response, Zsuzsanna Diamantstein thanked for the award and for the fact that they were not forgotten, all who lived through horror, lost their families and relatives in the nazi hell and underline that this award is for and about all deported Jews.
      For details read TVR News

Original tex by George Diamantstein


Hanukkah 5775/2014

On 18th December 2014 the Synagogue of Tîrgu-Mureș celebrated the Festival of Lights. Many friends and our handful community members gathered and almost crowd the synagogue. A short introduction and memorial speech was hold by Mr. Attila Gulyás, the secretary of the Jewish Community in Bucharest and Mr. Israel Sabag, the leader of JOINT Romania. Dr. Vasile Dub the chairman of the community said a few worlds about the significance of Hanukkah and began a saw which will be continued next years(hopefully we all will be’ll be there). The highlight of the evening just followed the choir of Jewish Community Cluj-Napoca that honored us with its presence (conductor Kati Halmos) having a great performance. Mrs. Gabi Mende (retired actress) recited wonderful poems of Endre Ady and Shakespeare. The atmosphere was amazingly elevated!
      To be continued next year!

Original tex by George Diamantstein


Birthdays in September

On the 7th of September 2014 the courtyard of the synagogue became crowded and loud due to birthday wishes. This time we celebrated the birthdays of the two elder ladies in our community: Zsuzsa Diamantstein – who is by the way my mother – and Mrs. Kati Berger, being two years younger.
      Zsuzsa Diamantstein was born in Tîrgu-Mureș on the 17th of June 1922. Her father was Fülöp Riegelhaupt, who died early. Her mother, Paula Mittelmann married again to Károly Riemer. She lived a very happy childhood and youth, but after that came the Nazi hell. During the massacre she lost 25 members of her family. With the age of 22 she was in several concentration and labor camps. She got twice to Auschwitz, where she lost her mother (Her mother died because, in the meantime, white hair grew out on her bald head and this meant that she was inevitably selected by Mengele to die). Zsuzsa was able to get free from these conditions, because she was young and strong.
      She returned back to her hometown, Tîrgu-Mureș and married to the lawyer, dr. Diamantstein Imre,. She lived her life, they lived their life together, bringing up their two sons (Péter and his little brother Gyuri). They were ordinary citizens: worked, went to symphony concerts and theatre, read a lot, met with friends, were guests at others or welcome others. On the 21st of February 1986 her husband, my father unexpectedly died. Mother lives from then on her widow life. She proved herself to be very strong accepting the loss of love of her life. My can tell that Mum is the most sober, wise and tempered member of my family. A little bit late, but happy birthday nonetheless! God bless you, Mom and auntie Kati Berger!
      Finally, special thanks to the celebrated, to be together because of them and all those who put through and helped with the organization of these birthday parties: Dezső Rosenberg, Julia Negrea, Vasile Dub, chairman of the community and auntie Ibi. Thank you all for being there!!

Original tex by George Diamantstein


History Lesson in the Synagogue

On the 28 August the History Lesson of last year was carried on organized by The „Borsos Tamás Association” in cooperation with the Jewish Community in Tîrgu-Mureș. The presentation of Mihály Spielmann entitled „The History of Jews form 1918 until today” (in fact the second part of the last years lecture) was a part of the Tîrgu-Mureș Whirl taking place in the Synagogue of the city in front of a large audience. The discourse was extremely interesting and well documented about everyday life, social relations, faith and the unbelievably terrible death of Jews.
      We are looking forward to continue with similar events, other presentations in the synagogue!

Original text by George Diamantstein


In the local newspaper Népújság two interviews have appeared with the historian on 24 September 2014 entitled the Greatest Adventure (1) and the second part, on 1 October with the title Greatest Adventure (2). Follow the links to see the Hungarian articles in the Népújság Greatest Adventure (1) and Greatest Adventure (2).


Chamber music concert in memoriam of the victims of Holocaust

On the 12 of August the Synagogue opened its doors again.
      This time, as well as last year, the votary of music had the possibility to listen to an extraordinary chamber music concert. This concert was dedicated in memoriam of the victims of Holocaust and was organized thanks to Mr. Alexandru Gavrilovici a famous violinist. His invited guest, this year, was Mr. Mirel Inacovici an internationally renowned cellist. They interpreted works of Ravel, Bach, Honegger Bruch and others. Side by side with the music, poems by B. Fundoianu, Toth Árpád , Paul Celan, Radnóti Miklós about this tragic event of Holocaust were recited by Pavel Alexandru and Kárp György actors. The concert was a great success, thanks to the large audience, who answered our call &bquo; The Synagogue Opens Its Doors” announced last year
      Special thanks to the artist and the melomaniac audience. See all of you next year.
      You can listen to the concert clicking on the Youtube video below.

Original text by George Diamantstein




Lag BaOmer 5774

La Baomer is a Jewish holiday celebrated on the 33rd day of the Counting of the Omer, which occurs on the 18th day of May. This day marks the day when Bar Kokhba and Rabbi Akiva defeated the Roman’s, in the 2th century because in Israel the widespread plaque ended for one day. Jews celebrate this holiday all over the world, so does our community with delicious snack, drink and listening to Jewish and Yiddish music, table-tennis matches, friendly chat and togetherness. La Baomer the day of „love of neighbor and of the outdoor celebration” ended with the traditional bonfire. We just have sitting around it and thinking about the WONDERFUL DAY SPENT TOGETHER.
      Special thanks for the owner of the idea and the chief as well: Dezső Rosenberg, Iulia Negrea, the chairman, Laci Dub and aunty Ibi and Albert Nagy maid of all work.
      We are looking forward to the next event!

Original text by George Diamantstein


Holocaust Commemoration

As usual our little, but still alive community commemorated the victims of Holocaust on 12th May. This year’s commemoration was out of order, because Mr. A. Vainer the director of the Federation of Jewish Communities from Bucharest, R. Schaffer chief Rabbi, A. Florian the director of „Elie Wiesel” Holocaust Research Institute honored us with their presence.
      (Even if I mention it in brackets it would deserve a new post, the in parallel organized Holocaust commemoration on 9th May, had taken place in the fortress museum thanks to the bachelor and master students of the University of Arts, directed by Enikő Ozvald. The little audience, who was curious about the dreadful events happened 70 years before, had the possibility to participate on a film projection and artistic performance till late at night. Special thanks to the participants and particularly to the organizers. – For details please read the article form the Népújság newspaper entitled Holocaust commemoration in the fortress (hu. Holokauszt- megemlékezés a várban), appeared on Monday, 12th May 2014.)

The commemoration continued in the synagogue, where the 6 survivors from Tîrgu-Mureș lit a candle in memoriam of the 6 million deported Jews. After that all the attendees lit a candle for their dead relatives. The next phase of the commemoration had taken place at the Holocaust statue, where, after the bereavement prayers, A. Vaimer hold a speech about the destiny of the Transylvanian Jews during the II World War. The next location was the former brick fabric, the ghetto at that time, today headquarters of the D. Cantemir University. Here, the participants formed The Star of David, from 60 carnations. The end of the event was the North trains station of Tîrgu-Mureș, where the local authorities C. Dobre, the President of the Mureș County Chamber, V. Oprea vice-prefect hold a speech. I. Pintea the Chief Executive Director of the Brașov Regional Railways inaugurated a bilingual commemorative plaque, directly next to the entrance of the station, in memoriam of the deported Jews from Tîrgu-Mureș. Although the weather was rainy, the plaque is inaccurate, there was little audience, but we participated on a dignified and reserved event.

Original text by George Diamantstein


Happy Birthday Berci!

On the 30 of March our little community celebrated the 92nd birthday of Bertalan (Berci) Fodor. Every life is unique and specific, especially the biography of the celebrated.
      Bertalan Fodor was born on 28 March 1922 in Tîrgu-Mureș. He attended the local Jewish primary school. and wanted to continue studying. So he got to Budapest. Here he had not the possibility to be admitted to the university, because of the new anti-Jew laws. (He desired to study textile-engineering.) He came home and got the hang of upholstery. (As we remember his father and brothers ran a furniture store in in the town). Form here he was taken in labor in camps autumn 1943 first to Tășnad, Borsec and Dej. To escape he had swim across the Someș river (contrary to his friend Mr. Alexandru Ausch, the recently departed former chairman of our community, who decide not to get away. The result was 4 years of prison in Soviet captivity).
      In 1964 he immigrated to the USA. In New York he continued to follow a trade in upholstery and succeeded to open a little manufactory with 7 employees. In 1992 he returned to Romania, as a pensioner.
      Berci was an extremely good swimmer, with only 5 he became the „ Champion of Bear-lake” and also played water polo. As a member of the Progression Sport Club and in the Golden team he was Town Champion over 15 years and was 2nd and 3rd in the national championship.
      He was the first owner of Jawa motorcycle in Tîrgu-Mureș and is a good car driver up to these days.
      After the greetings and presents the guest were invited to a delicious sholet and kosher wine.
      If you meet someone with opened white scarf and sunbathed face in Tîrgu-Mureș or Budapest, he is it, Ms. Bertalan Fodor.
      Happy Birthday, Berci, till 120.
      Special thanks to the organizers of this event: Negrea Iulia, chef Rosenberg Dezső, aunty Ibi and Vasile Dub.

Original text by George Diamantstein


Purim 2014!

Every year, if believe or not, because photos were not taken, we remembered on the 16 March 2014 Esther, Mordecai and the history of Purim “lots”. In the synagogue of Tîrgu Mureș our little community listened to the speeches of Dr. Vasile Dub, the president of the Jewish Community and Gheorghe Diamantstein, history teacher, about the first antisemitic manifestation and the deliverance from it. Each presenter referred to the thoughts of Mr. Péter Popper about the Jewish identity. After this Mrs. Enikő Aszalos, invitee, and Mrs. Márta Szőnyi piano teacher played several Jewish songs. In the meanwhile everyone ate Hamantaschen (called Hamans’s pockets or Haman’s ears) steeped with…tea.
      Thank You all for your presence.

Original text by George Diamantstein


Firewalk London

On the 26 January this year „Trust” charity organized a generous donation for the Holocaust survivors in Tîrgu-Mureș. The exceptional event was organized by our friends Ethane Woldman, Colin Black, David Bishop and many others. Vasile Dub, Zsófi Karpelesz and Dezső Rosenberg were invited and represented the Jewish Community of Tîrgu-Mureș. They participated at the competition obtained Diplomas for their firewalk performance. We can’t thank enough for Your woderful support. All of us had a good time, thanks to the friendly welcome of the Hartsbourne Golf Club. We are grateful to all of You, who despite of the geographical distance, are spiritually by our sides and in our hearts.
      Thank You, London, thank You Glasgow!

Original text by Vasile Dub


End of year Party

Two weeks ago, as presented in my last short review (see below), we celebrated Hanukkah. Eat delicious donuts and drank hot tea to nourish our bodies. So on the 15 December we got together again for a tasty beef goulash. The initiator of this event was Mr. Dezső Rosenberg. The goulash had been soaked well with punch tee and wine. My tipsiness tells me that the event was a full success. Thank you for joining us and special thanks to Mr. Dezső Rosenberg and his helpers: Mrs. Negrea Iulia and aunty Ibi.
      We had a good time together and hope we'll meet again soon!

Original text by George Diamantstein



On the 1 December 2013 the Synagogue of Tîrgu Mureș opened its doors again. More than 200 guests (a handful of community members and lots of friends) joined us to celebrate the Hanukkah, also known as Festival of Lights.
      The event was opened by Mr. Vasile Dub the chairman of our Community. After that Mr. Rafael Schafer, Chief Rabbi of Romania held a short but very meaningful speech about the Light and the Miracle. The moral of his words was that the sprout of the miracle is inside everyone’s soul and the real miracle happens when it is converted for the good of others. Mr. George Diamantstein, history teacher summed up the happenings of this event. At the end Mr. Vasile Dub compared whirligigs of the Maccabees at that time and those of today. The highlight of the night was not only the lighting of the Hanukkah candles but the performance of the choir (conductor Kati Halmos) from The Jewish Community of Cluj-Napca. These melodies had been sung in this synagogue very long time ago. It was really moving to hear them again. We address special thanks to the choir members and of course the pupils and teachers of Music School of Tel Aviv, who also sang in the extended choir. They visited Tîrgu-Mureș, right then, due to an internship with the Art High School of our town. We also thank the collaborators, led by the secretary of the community, Iulia Negrea, who served hot tea and delicious donuts, to warm not only our hearts, but also our bodies.
      It was an unforgettable evening!!!!

Original text by George Diamantstein


Repeat offenders!

If party is a sin we are repeat offenders! What has begun in June (see here ) was continued on the 20 October, Sunday in the office of the community. The only thing that was missing was the hot summer. But we got hotness after tasting fish roe, goose fat and especially the hot red pepper fish-soup (accompanied by wine, beer and the indispensable table-tennis match).
      The suppliers and preparators of the lunch were Rosenberg Dezsőt, the fisherman, aunty Ibi, Negrea Julit. They spared no effort to offer all the attendees a culinary delight.
      Thank you again for this extraordinary time together and we are looking forward to meet soon.

Original text by George Diamantstein


Holocaust Commemoration

On the 9 of October The National Day of Commemorating the Holocaust in Romania a commemoration event took place at the Holocaust statue (Márton Izsák\’s work of art) in Tîrgu-Mureș.The event was organized, this time, by the Mayor’s Office in collaboration of the County Council and of course our Community. The officiates Mr. Corneliu Grosu the Prefect of Mureș County, Dr. Dorin Florea, the Mayor and Ciprian Dobre, the President of the County Council participated on the commemoration.
      After a short introduction, the Chairman of our Community, Dr. Dub Vasile presented a short review of the tragic events. The real history lesson was held by Mr. Sandor Vasile, teacher of the Alexandru Papiu Ilarian College to the audience and to his pupils also present at the event. Mr. Ausch Alexandru the honorary chairman of the Community prayed the „El Mule ” in Hebrew, Romanian and Hungarian and lit six candles which symbolize the six million victims between 1940-45. After the wreath-laying and one moment of silence followed the speech of Mr. Corneliu Grosu, Dr. Dorin Florea and Ciprian Dobre.
      The commemoration ended with the „Kaddish” prayer recited by Mr. Alexandru Ausch.
      Let me remark the reconditioning of the base of the statue with black-marble plaque. In this way we want to thank again the municipalities for the renewal.

Original text by Dr. Vasile Dub


Mihály Spielmann's presentation in the synagogue

On the 29 August the „Synagogue Opened Its Doors” again and quasi it could not close them because of the far too many audience. We cannot remember such a crowd in the synagogue. The „Borsos Tamás Association” organized within the Tîrgu-Mureș Whirl the presentation of Mihály Spielmann entitled „The history of Jews in Tîrgu-Mureș until 1914”. The audience, young and old alike, applauded the historian for several minutes, not only for its excessively interesting, meaningful and high quality lecture, but also for his unique humor. A participant asked „Will it be continued?” We all hope, it will, as soon as possible, but at least next year. In the meantime you are welcome to all our events organized in the synagogue.
      Thank you for your presence, see you soon. Just before the Holidays we wish Happy New Year, „Shana Tova” for all the readers.

Original text by George Diamantstein


Concert of the „Leonor” Quartet from Spain

An old dream of our little community seems to come true, namely to put an accent on the still living „status quo” synagogue in the social and cultural life of the city as well. Voila, on 9 August within the event called „ The Synagogue Opens its Doors” the „Leonor” Quartet from Madrid gave an almost a houseful concert (the Spanish Consul from Bucharest was present too). Unfortunately the originator of the concert, the melomaniac and musician Mr. Alexandru Gavrilovici could not be there. His pupils, who also participated on the Summer School of Sighișoara, Delphine Caserta, Bruno Vidal, Jaime Huertas, Alvaro Huertas, the members „Leonor” Quartet performed the music of Joaquín Turina, Juan Crisóstomo Arriaga, Mendelssohn, Dvorak. Listening to the accords was an amazing experience, especially in our good acoustic synagogue. The only unpleasantness was the sweltering heat, but this hadn’t discouraged any of us. Special thanks to the musicians and the organizers who pulled the string from the back, without whom the event wouldn’t have been possible (Dub László, Rosenberg Dezső, Nagy Albert, Negrea Júlia).
      Thank you for your attendance, see you on the next event!

Original text by George Diamantstein


Stânceni Carmelitan Hermitage

On the 6 of August, due to our good relations and respect to each other, 19 members of the Jewish Community were invited to celibate the Transfiguration of Jesus at the Saint Elijah Orthodox monastery in Stânceni. Mother Eliane, the abbess of the carnelian monastery, is known for her works concentrating on the revision of some passages from the orthodox liturgy related to the Jews. She was awarded with a special distinction by the F.C.E.R. for her merits last year.
      After the fraternal agape a conference, entitled „ The Identity of Israel and the Church nowadays”, took place, where Jews and Christians participated as well. Rabin Mr Schaffer Rafael presented the communication „ The Role of the Synagogue in the Identity Evolution of Israel”. The auditorium judged the novelty of the presentation based not only on the pertinent questions, but the given relevant and humorous answers. The next presentation were held by Sister Maria Cristiana Dobner ocd (Universidad de la Mistica, Ávila), and in the second part of the conference Francisca Băltăceanu and Monica Broșteanu (University of Bucharest) , prof. univ. Virgil Ciomoș (University „Babeș Bolyai” Cluj) exposed their work. Finally, Father Cornel Dârle, the priest of the hermitage, presented an appreciation of the book „Le Peuple de la première Alliance, approches chrétiennes du mystère d'Israël ” by Jean Miquel Garrigues, edited by the Buna Vestire Blaj, translated by the Brotherhood of Saint Elijah. Each participant got a copy of this book as a present.
      Let me recall only one determining statement of the conference: „The reconciliation of the Christian churches can take place only by a dialog with Israel ”

Original text by Vasile Dub



Keep it up!
We can not only remember the sad past, but also enjoy the present. On 24 June a very pleasant grill-party was organized by the enthusiasts, Iulia Negrea, Laci Dub, Dezső Rosenberg. There was quite a good turnout, elderly, middle-aged, and children as well joined it. There was a rich meal: humus as appetizer, goose grease, kosher little-sausage and chicken wings. Wine, beer, drink and rainwater were more than enough. Thanks again for the tasty food to Ibi auntie, Juli and Dezső, the grill master. Those who were not in a hurry and had a little patience waiting just 3-4 hours long until Laci Dub and Albert Nagy (with the intense involvement of Gyuri Diamantstein -sic) finally set up a table (or rather two smaller ones, because several parts were left out) had the opportunity to play table-tennis. By the way, we get soaked, but who cares. Watch the added photos, perhaps they can persuade you to participate next time.
Dear friends and Organizers: thank you again and we are looking forward to meet again.
In the name of the participants,
George Diamantstein


Exhumation of Frida Klein

A very tragic, but in the same time appreciable event took place in the Orthodox Jewish Cemetery, on 17 June 2013, the exhumation of Frida Klein. This was the will of her children Ervin Klein and his sister who wanted to exhume their mothers clod and take it with themselves to Israel and burying her again in the holy Land, supporting every financial cost and sharing no pain. Thus they can take better care of her grave.


Márton Izsák's birth centenary

On the 11 June 2013 the centenary of the sculptor Márton Izsák was celebrated in a very nice atmosphere. The event took place in the Bernády-house, with little delay because the real 100th birthday of the artist had been in April. During the ceremony several personalities hold a speech the journalist Kund Nagy Miklós, the historian and writer Mihály Spielmann Sebestyén, the sculptors Károly Bálint and László Hunyadi, former pupils as Sándor Fodor historian and teacher and acquaintances. Besides several statuettes (made of stone, terracotta, metal originating from private collections ) were presented and commented funnily.Everyone commemorated the artist, the teacher, the mentor and the friend with deep recognition. Many statues in our city preserve the memory Márton Izsák, as The two Bolyais, Szentgyörgyi István, Márton Áron, Holocaust monument and so on, relief of Cuza Vodă, but especially his unforgettable humanity without precedent.


Visit to Debrecen (Hungary)

Last year two delegates, dr. László Feuermann and Gábor Kresitler, of the Jewish Community in Debrecen visited our community and invited us as well to the conference of the Jewish Communities. Between the 7-9 June four community members travelled to Debrecen (Hungary) to the IV International Conference of Jewish Communities in Debrecen and transborders. This year’s topic was the Gastronomy of the Carpathian Basin. At the opening ceremony Mr. Lajos Kósa the major of Debrecen welcome the guests and several personalities delivered a speech, Mr. Tamás Horovitz, the chairman of the Jewish Community in Debrecen, Gusztáv Zoltai, chairman of the Fellowship of the Hungarian Jewish Communities, György Szabó, the chairman of the Jewish Heritage in Hungary Public Endowment.
     The presentations put an accent on the togetherness, preservation of traditions and family. The gastronomy was not only orally explained, but there were interesting cooking shows, tidbits, exhibition of kosher products, book launchers and demonstration of gastrologers.

The conference was a good occasion to consolidate the cooperation of Hungarian, Transylvanian, Vojvodinan and Upland communities. A possible creation of an Eastern-Europe Jewish Community Fellowship came also in question. Thank you for your hospitality and helpfulness during these days. The only regret, in our point of view, was the considerable diminution of the Transylvanian Jewish Communities.


Visit to Zalaegerszeg (Hungary)

Returning the invitation in May 2012 a group of 12 community members visited Zalaegerszeg between 16-19 May. The delegates were Rubin Oscar, Ledererer Andrei, Spitzer Alexandru, Spitzer Lucia, Dascăl Martin, Nagy Katalin, Szamosán Éva, Rosenberg Dezideriu, Simion Ildikó, Bucur Suzana, Dub Mariana and Dub Vasile. We were welcome with special programs for example the Zalaegerszeg town days. These days were a good opportunity to consolidate the relationship between the two communities. The painting exposition of Kázmér Kurta our compatriot originate from Reşiţa, the Sabbath dinner together with the vise-major of Zalaegerszeg, Zoltán Balaicz, the welcome of István Goldschmied at the Little-Synagogue of Keszthely were only few of the most memorable moments.
      We want to address special thanks to the chairman of the local Jewish Community, Vilmos Siklósi, without whom this meeting would not be possible, to our friends : József Preisz, Judith Siklósi, József and Jutka Árvai, Béla Molnár who accompanied us during our whole visit. The two communities ensured each other of a close cooperation regarding new common projects.


Holocaust Commemoration (in May-June 1944)

On 12 May we commemorated the most sad and moving event, the Deportation which took place 69 years ago. It was sad because we remembered the victims and moving because József Adler, the first cantor was also present. He said the prayer „El molé rachamnin” last said very long ago in this Synagogue.
      Vasile Dub, the chairman retold the events of 3 May 1944, remembered the circumstances of the ghettoization. (He mentioned the supererogation of the authorities who carried out their task only in 3 days, instead of the foreseen 8. In May and June trains were started to Auschwitz, but there was no return.
      In memoriam of the 6 million Jewish victims 6 survivors (Etelka Tusa, Katalin Berger, Zsuzsa Diamantstein, Sámuel Csernovitz, Márton Léb, Rudolf Karpelesz), lit a candle. After that the attendee lit a candle for their dead relatives. Finally, Raffael Schaffer, the National Chief Rabbi gave grant for a little optimism, because Hitler and the Nazis could not transact their goal, to totally obliterate the Jewish nation, this handful community is the example that he has not succeed.
      The event continued at the Holocaust statue, where after de „Kadis” prayer other candles were lit in memoriam of the victims.

Hungarian and Romanian text by George Diamantstein



One of the most important holidays in our communities’ life is Pesach. It commemorates the story of Exodus from the ancient Egypt, the evolution of the newborn nation. The ceremony began on Monday, 25 March at 18.30 with lighting the Passover candles in the Great Synagogue (Aurel Filimon Street, former School Street). This had been followed by the Seder evening in the polish room where numerous, young and not so young, community members participated. This evening we celebrate the fact of being Israel’s nation. According to the traditions several parts of the Haggadah Pesach were read in Hebrew, Romanian and Hungarian. Mr. Ausch the honorary chairman of the community was the leader of Seder. He wisely explained the youth and who are not so familiar with it, the symbolic meaning of the food and the most important moments of the evening.

His jokes regarding the four glasses of wine bring always funny moments. The most jeweled glass of wine is prepared traditionally for Prophet Elijah whom we were waiting for, but he hadn’t come, neither last years, nor this year.
On the last two day of the holiday, 1 and 2 April Mr. the ceremony was held by Iancu Isidor who accepted the invitation of the Jewish Community with pleasure.
Special thanks to the women who prepared the traditional dinner for the Seder.


Bereshit 7

Between 28 February and 3 March the University of Jewish Community organized the VII edition of Bereshit. The event took place in Cluj-Napoca under the aegis of JCC (Jewish Comunitar Centre). The high-toned conference had been enriched by several famous university professors form Israel who presented the most actual domains of the Judaism. Thanks to the organizers the recreation was also part of the conference as hasidic entertainment with dance and music. This party reminded some of us the old good days. Vasile and Mariana Dub, Géza and Marika Geller, Zsuzsa Bucur, Martha Izsák, Teodor Schwartz, Martin Dascăl and Alexandru Spitzer participated on behalf of the Jewish Community Tîrgu Mureș and Gheorgheni.


Guests form Glasgow

On the 16-19 of January the “Trust Tg-Mures” foundation from Glasgow (Scotland) visited our community. Mr. David Bishop, chairman of the Trust Tg-Mures Foundation, Mrs. Silverdale Sandra, Mr. Jeremy Goldberg and Ms. Erin Goldberg honored with their presence. Our long-lasting friendship of over 13 years bridges not only the geographical distance between the two communities. The foundation puts an accent on helping the Holocaust survivors from Tirgu Mures. On this occasion, our friends have given generous support to the survivors in heating and the continuously necessary medicine costs. This friendship is a miracle for us, a miracle in which we believe in. The Kiddish organized on 19 January had given us a good opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks for all your help and kindness. The appreciating words of Dr. Vasile Dub, the chairman of our community, were said on behalf of every community member. Mr. David Bishop answered the following: “You are our extended family and Mr. Ausch Alexandru is the head of it”.


Commemorative plaque of “Dr. Turnowszky Mór”

On 23 January 2013 a new commemorative plaque was inaugurated in honor of Dr. Mór Turnowszky on the facade of the Haller house. The marble plate is inscribed in three languages Romanian, Hungarian and German with the following: „ In this house lived and worked the excellent scientist and public figure the first Jewish doctor of Tg-Mureș Turnowsky Mór 1859-1932”.
      This ceremony is the first step towards make the citizens and tourist as well realize that a strong and active Jewish community lived once here, contributing to the material and spiritual development of our city.

Jewish Community Members, pupils and press participated on the ceremony and of course Martha Izsák, poetess, Mihály Sebestyén, historic and Eugen Man researcher, without whom this event would not have been possible. Dub Vasile, the chairman of the Jewish Community and Mártha Izsák gave a short appreciation speech.

Dr. Turnowszky Mór - short biography

He was born in 1859. Education: finished Primary and Secondary School in Tg-Mures and graduated the University of Medicine Cluj continuing his studies in Prague and Vienna getting the Doctor Title in Medical Sciences. He opened a private practice after returning home. He was involved in professional activities in societies like EMKE, is secretary of the Association of Doctors and Pharmacists in Tg-Mureș. He became the head doctor of Mureș county. After the First World War (when he worked as military physician at the hospital) he settles in Budapest.

He was one of the founders of freemasons from Tg-Mureș called Bethlen Gábor. He published several articles in contemporary medical journals being a regular contributor of Gyógyászat (Healthcare), Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift. We was writing about epilepsy, infantile migraine, imitation, infantile paralysis (Pseudo-paralysis dolorosa transitoria infantum,Bp., 1909)), about music as a language (Die Musik als Sprache eines Sonder-Lebens betrachtet ,Wien u. Leipzig, 1928), about freemasons (Basis of natural sciences of freemasons). He was the first free profession Jewish doctor in Tg-Mureș. He died in 1932.

Hanukkah, the “Festival of Lights”

On the occasion of the Festival of Lights The Jewish Community of Tîrgu-Mureș invites You, dear community member and friend, Monday, 10 December (the second day of Hanukkah) at 6 o’clock P.M., in the Great Synagogue, Aurel Filimon street to celebrate with us. On this event will participate on behalf of the Romanian Jewish Community Mr. d-l Eduard Kupfenberg, the chief of the Rabbi’s Office,. A short artistic program with traditional songs will end the ceremony.
The Hanukkah is an 8 day Jewish holiday beginning at 25 Kislev. It commemorates the victory of the Maccabee over the Seleucid monarchy. The name ”Hanukkah” derives from the Hebrew verb „חנך”, meaning „to dedicate”. The most important happening related to the Hanukkah is the triumph of Judas Maccabeus who had rededicated the Temple of Jerusalem in 165-163 B. C by defeating Antiochus IV Epiphanes. The hero had demolished the profane altar and had built a new one in its place. The reinauguration of the Temple implied a yearly celebrated 8 day festival. According to a Talmud story saint oil had been found in the Temple, but it was enough only for one night to burn in the menorah, yet it kept on for 8 days. Hanukkah commemorates this miracle, too.


The Jewish Museum Corner of Tîrgu-Mureș

The old citizens of Tigru-Mureș surely remember the old Jewish culture center (former cinema Progresul). This building had been built in 1928 and has hosted several spiritual and cultural events. Lately the dilapidated construction has been sold to the Mureș County Council. The president of the council Mrs. Emőke Lokodi decided that the Puppet Theatre, directed by Mr. Gabriel Cadariu, is going to host here. It is important to mention that the initiators of this Puppet Theatre were three Jews: Antal Pál Herskovits, Herta Ligeti and Endre Révész.

The restorers, venerating the founders, have preserved the characteristics of the edifice, hence leaving this heritage to the Tîrgu-Mureș citizens. In sign of respect for the Jews, Mrs. Lokodi promised Mr. Alexandru Ausch already in 2010 that in this building is going to give place to a museum corner, a memorial for the Jews of our town.

On the 2nd of November, not only the modernized building has been inaugurated, but also a plaque, with the construction date and the initial functionality. The museum contains few personal memories, but the goal of the current leadership of our Jewish Community is to enlarge the collection as good as possible in order to engrave upon everyone's memory the history of Jews in this region.

P.S. Herewith we welcome every personal document about the Jews form Tîrgu-Mureș.

Dr. Dub Vasile (fragments form the Jewish Reality „Realitatea evreiască” Journal)


Reghin Bia Sofar

Rosh Hashanah is the first and second days of the first Jewish month of Tishrei. It marks the beginning of the Jewish new year. The celebration of this holiday is marked with solemnity, as it is the day on which the whole world is judged for the coming year. Rosh Hashanah is the birthday of the world, as it was on this day that G-d created Man on the 6th day of creation. Every year, on this day, we proclaim G-d as our one and true King.

The Shofar is like the trumpet which announces the coronation of a king. That is why it is used on Rosh Hashanah, the birthday of the universe. At that time we accept Hashem's Rulership. Our tefilos and shofar blasts are like the coronation ceremony in which Klal Yisroel crowns Hashem as Sovereign.


The festival of Sukkot

The Feast of Tabernacles

The holiday commemorates the forty-year period during which the children of Israel were wandering in the desert, living in temporary shelters. Sukkot is also a harvest festival, and is sometimes referred to as Chag Ha-Asif, the Festival of Ingathering.

The Sukkah

The Feast of Tabernacles

Building and decorating a sukkah is a fun, family project. A sukkah must have at least three walls covered with a material that will not blow away in the wind. A sukkah may be any size, so long as it is large enough for you to fulfill the commandment of dwelling in it. One should live in the sukkah as much as possible, including sleeping in it.

The Four Species

Arba minim in Hebrew

Another observance related to Sukkot involves what are known as The Four Species (arba minim in Hebrew) or the lulav and etrog. The four species in question are an etrog (a citrus fruit native to Israel), a palm branch (in Hebrew, lulav), a myrtle branch (hadas) and a willow branch (arava). Every morning of Sukkot, except on Shabbat, it is the custom to hold the lulav in the right hand and the etrog in the left.