Jewish Community in Tîrgu-Mureș - History and Fate

Jewish families settled down along the river Mureș already in the XVII. century in order to became the largest Jewish community in the next century in Transylvania after Alba Iulia. In Tîrgu-Mureș live today about 200 well-respected, Jewish people. Previously, there where many more jewish people, in the middle of the twentieth century more than 6000 identified themselves as belonging to this religion. Between May-June 1944 7,700 Jews were deported from Tirgu-Mureș and the surrounding area, 5,900 of them never returned home. Many of the survivors fled to Israel, which was established after World War II, in 2006 only 210 Jews were registered in surveys.

The Synagogue

Opening hours

The Great Synagogue is accessible to visitors daily from 9-12.30, with the announcement, at least one day before of the arrival time and the size of the group. Those interested are requested to announce their visiting intention by phone:0040 74500847, or 0040 265 261 810.

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Israel Corner

The origin of the name

Built by master builder Soós Pál as a rental house. The name (Izrael) owes to it's later owner, a baker.


Museum Announcement

Dear Guest/Website Reader,
      1. Follow our Facebook posts on Comunitatea evreilor din Tîrgu Mureş,
      2. The Jewish Community in Târgu Mureş, its successor to a two-century Jewish presence in our city being an integral part of its history. We want to commemorate this by the inauguration of the Jewish museum to be opened in the near future. The museum will be located at the Aurel Filimon (former School) street no. 23, in the immediate neighborhood to the Great Synagogue. For this purpose, we ask you kindly to contribute to the goods of the museum (religious, funerary objects, personal things, documents) or with financial support (of course, according to the wish, the name of the contributors will be added to the exhibited object).
      Jewish Community in Tirgu Mures
      Aurel Filimon str. no.23, postal code 540035, tel. +40 265216810
      SWIFT code: RNCBROBU
      Banca Comerciala Romana BCR (Commercial Bank Romania) Tirgu-Mures Branch
      IBAN: RO23RNCB0193015968180029 RON
      IBAN: RO93RNCB0193015968180030 EUR
      Yours sincerely,
      Vasile Dub
      George Diamantstein


  1. Our community has opened its Facebook account Tg.Mureș Jewish Community friends.
  2. In attention of Tourist Agencies!
    If you organize visits at the Synagogue of Tg. Mures:
    • Please announce your arrival via phone+40 261 810 or email and plan to visit us between 9:00 and 14:00 o’clock.
    • We ask the guides to take over the donation-tickets from the office of the community (tickets cost 5 lej/person, only for adults, above 18 years).

Application Results - Commemorating the 341 pupils form Jewish School victims of Holocaust 1944

The organizing committee, after analyzing the 20 submitted applications, made the following decision:

  1. 2nd price, 1500 RON goes to Nagy Maria Andrea
  2. Honorary mention, 500 RON Vida Krisztina
  3. The 1st and 3rd price was not awarded. The application was extended until 25 September and we are waiting for new applications.

The Jewish Community addresses thanks all the competitors for the submitted applications. Those who intend to respond the second call of the application are asked to observe the same rules of the tender as the first time. There are described on our website

     Please note that this application addresses not only to the professional artists, but also to amateur.

Dr. Dub Vasile ,
President of the jury

16 July 2014


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Call for Application - Commemorating the 341 pupils form Jewish School victims of Holocaust 1944

The Jewish School was inaugurated on 30 October 1923 and in October 1940 the lenraged primary school became a 6th grade „Jewish Civilian School” directed by József Stern (survivor of the deportation, as József Simon he founds of the Radnóti Gymnasium in Zugló, Budapest).
      In April 1944 the school was closed, the majority of the pupils never returned from the Auschwitz concentration camps. (The list of the deported pupils figures on a plaque in an old classroom - see photo and list below).




Fig. 1 - Jewish School

Fig. 2 - Commemorative Plaque

Application information:

  1. Location: Tîrgu-Mureş, Horea Street and Balladei Street corner, next to the entrance of the school (Fig. 1).
  2. Theme of application: visualizing this tragic event, attract the attention of passingers, put an accent on the number of victims, and emphasize that all of them where children under 13.
  3. Design:
    • Dimensions: maximum 3 m large, 1.5m high
    • Materials: bronze, forged iron, marble, wood
    • If possible include de commemorative plaque in it (Fig. 2)
  4. Estimated price: maximum 5000 EUR
  5. Prizes:
    • I prize    2500 RON
    • II prize   1500 RON
    • III prize  1000 RON
  6. Announcement of results:10 July 2014
  7. Documents to hand in:
    • Description of the monument - max. one A4-es page, doc., or pdf. file, in English, Romanian or Hungarian;
    • The plan of the monument - minimum A4 format;
    • Placement plan - minimum A4 format;
    • Implementation details and cost; needs to include the cost of materials;
    • Copyright declaration of the author (doc. file) available here;
    • Personal data of the author: name, surname, address, phone number (mobil), email address.
  8. Deadline: 1 July 2014 extended until 25 September (postmark deadline)
  9. Submission:
    • by post: postal Address of the Jewish Community Tg.Mureş, str. Aurel Filimon nr. 23; write the word: monument on the envelope
    • via e-mail: e-mail: címre
      all the documents mentioned above in electronic format;
  10. Contact:

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Death Announcement

It is with deep personal regret that we inform you of Mr. Ausch Alexandru's death. He passed away on 22. January 2014. His funeral will be held on Friday, 24 January 2014, at 14 o'clock, in the Jewish Cemetery, on Verii Street.

      On Friday, 24 January 2014 was the funeral of Mr. Ausch Alexandru, the honorary chairman of the Jewish Community in Tîrgu-Mureș.
      On the burial participated many friends of the family, former colleagues and lots on behalf of the Jewish Community.
      The major of the city, Mr. Dorin Florea held a speech to honor the memory of the deceased.
      The most touching moment was the valediction of his son, Mr. Ausch Emanuel and his granddaughter, Mrs. Ina Weber (Ausch).
      The memorial service was officiated by Mr. professor Iancu Isidor.


      Alexandru Ausch was born on 2 February 1922 in Deva. He studied in Deva, Tîrgu-Mureș and Cluj-Napoca.
      In October 1943 he was concentrated in labor camp at Tasnad. There he built roads, electricity pylons and reaching the front he had to dig trenches.
      In September 1944 he managed to escape and changed side and went to the Russians hoping that he will be released. But he was taken as a prison among several other Jews, and had to stay two years in jail on the Crimean peninsula and other two years in Odessa.
      In July 1948 he was freed and returned back home to Tîrgu-Mureș. Here he hadn’t found anyone, his family and relatives had been all deported and exterminated in Auschwitz.
      He got married in 1950 and has two children, who are living in USA and Canada today.
      Between 1948 and 1984 he was working in the Meant Factory of Tîrgu-Mureș, as head of the division.
      Since 1984 he was active member of the Jewish Community in Tîrgu-Mureș. First he became councilor, later on secretary, and in 2005-2011 he was the chairman of our community. In this period he not only saved from demolition, but also rehabilitated the synagogues of Târnăveni, Gheorgheni and Sighișoara, towns under the authority of the Community.
      In absence of a religious leader, on Saturdays, and on holidays, as Pessah, Shavuot, Sukkot, he officiated the church service and prayers.
      In 2007 he was decorated with the Knight's Crosses of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary, by László Sólyom president of Hungary.
      In November 2011 he was unanimously elected as the honorary chairman of the Jewish Community.
      He was an extraordinary person, worshipful leader, wise and placid, but strong in important situations. He always made his fellows laugh by his inborn humor.
      He was in good relations as well with The Major's Office of the town as with the County Council.
      But above all, the dominant of his personality was the Jewish faith and the spirituality he was growing up in.

Rest in Peace!

Dr. Vasile Dub,
Chairman of the Community


Short history of the old Jewish school in Tîrgu-Mureș

One of the mainstays of Jewish education has been studying and teaching. The first schools „the chéders” put an accent on religious education. In the second half of the XIX century, such a school was founded under the leadership of Náthán Beregi (not authentic data). Later on in the 70’s of the XIX century the Jewish Community negotiates with Nathan Pollák in order to hand the private school over to the management of the community. On the 1st of September 1880 the Jewish primary school had been inaugurated in the courtyard of the old chapel. (former School, Tyukszer, today Aurel Filimon street).

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The Synagogue

The Great Synagogue of Tîrgu-Mureș was built between 1899 and 1900 after the plans of Gartner Jacob from Vienna at the initiative of the Jewish community “Status Quo” who stepped out of the orthodox Jewish community in the XIX century . This eclectic style building is considered one the most beautifuls in Transylvania. The construction, coordinated by Pál Sóos, of the monumental synagogue was finished almost in a year.

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Call for collecting objects for the Jewish Museum Corner

Dear Friends!
In the name of the Jewish minority in Tîrgu Mureș, on the way of extinction, we apply to you, to document – beyond the stories and anecdotes – the existence of this community which has been living and lives even nowadays in our city. We wish to enrich the museum objects of the Jewish Museum Corner which is setup in the lobby of the new Puppet Theatre, former Jewish Culture Centre. Please send us any kind of document, photo, diary, memoir a.s.o. which attests the presence and activity of Jews in this region. Of course we will make copy of the original document and it will be send back to you. Our postal address is Aurel Filiomon Street no. 23, tel. 0265-261810

Thanks in advance,
In the name of the Jewish Community
Dr. Vasile Dub, chairman


Call for support

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Orth. Jewish community

Statutes of the Orthodox Jewish community Marosvásárhely 1922

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The Mayor's report

The Mayor's Report of Tîrgu-Mureș Royal City administration of the first half of 1909

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The status of Jews

The status of Jews - the status of the Romanian Jewish people Legislative Decree 9 August 1940

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